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Product Announcement: SGIAS® II

(Note: SGIAS® II was released and has been in production since November 1998)

Innovative Solution for Monitoring Legislation


SGIAS® II is a comprehensive bill tracking and data transport solution for monitoring proposed legislation. The efficiency of retrieving only those bills with a change of action, with one search, is a real time-saver for busy legislative liaisons and staff. SGIAS® II reduces manual record keeping, produces convenient and concise reports and includes a safety net that eliminates the risk of unknown text changes or losing track of a bill. The search process is further streamlined by the ability to download multiple texts in various data bases at one time. The automatic wake-up feature is a robot that checks the status of tracked bills while staff is performing other important duties. In addition, Master/Client options will enable reporting bill activity in a timely, selective, secure and user-defined environment.

Service Group, Inc., provides a Win 95/98/2000/XP/NT product that directly interfaces with individual state's Internet web sites.  SGIAS® II provides the value-added enhancements for bill tracking, data exports and file management. The bill reporting capability significantly reduces the time delay of forwarding updates to multiple locations and offers quick and easy custom comments on individual bills. SGIAS® II is an effective solution for companies that follow a volume of bills. SGI will monitor the State's changes to their Site, search engine and changes to Committee Action Fields to provide software updates on the fly. 


In Bill Status

  • Create Tracking Lists--by entering bills into an form or by reviewing the Lists of Bills on-line and clicking on individual bills.
  • Add or Delete Bills, View current changes or review entire Saved list--at any time
  • Initiate ONE search to review changes of Bill Status on bills contained in your list
  • Download all tracked bill status' or download bills with a Change of Action--with ONE search
  • Enter a bill number and Immediately go to that Bill--without searching.

In any Database, such as Amendments, Transcripts, Text of Bills, etc.

  • Limit the risk of sudden amendments and text changes that change the meaning of a bill
  • Save Subject Searches--Terms that you frequently look for in text
  • Save Text--learn if there is any New Bills that contain these words
  • Learn if previously known bills--contain any Additional New Language or changes
  • Download Selective or All bills--at ONE time by clicking on the bills
  • Search on one Bill--click on one, two or more Data bases for text you wish to Export at ONE time

Bill Book Reporting

  • Bill Status Reports provide details of each tracked Bill's activity--at a glance
  • Keep management informed on tracked bills--limits your time involvement on updates
  • Multiple Tracking Codes allow for individual updates or provide different people news on their Bills
  • Make Capitol visits more Time Efficient--reduce the risk of forgetting a bill
  • Add Comments on individual bills and individual lists--what to watch, next steps . . .
  • Add Overall Comments--Next meeting, Priorities, Public Hearing attendance . . .
  • House, Senate and Committee Actions--Customize Action wording to your wording
  • Produce Reports--at any time-print with any Windows printer (see also Client Option)

Client Option

  • Bill Books with Customizable headers and footers--with dates, prepared for and by, etc.
  • Forward Bill Books electronically to management--at any location--secure, password protected

Custom Alerts

  • Learn BEFORE clients--which bills had action.
  • Automatic Wake Up--tell your computer how frequently to dial into the State's information, run against your tracking list(s), and determine if any New actions appear on Your bills.

System Requirements

  • Internet Access.
  • Windows 95/98/2000/XP or Windows NT Operating System -Pentium based with 32-64 MB of RAM is recommended


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