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Service Group, Inc. is a leading provider of Proposed Legislation research tools. For many years, SGI was the Connecticut General Assembly's computer, technical support and facilities manager. The volume of bill information that is generated daily demands the ability to retrieve reliable information, Instantly. We know the time requirements, the need for efficient file management -- and SGI has been providing this resource for 18 years -- since 1983.

Incorporated in 1979, SGI specializes in providing information, technology consulting and graphic design services. We commenced our operation as a Data Processing Service Bureau, offering our machines and technical skills to companies with insufficient capacity or ability. Insurance companies, manufacturers, schools, retailers, research organizations and governmental bodies have outsourced various development projects to SGI.

Today, SGI develops Automated Systems and implements software solutions for the Internet. We create sophisticated search engines, integrate internal data bases and provide E-commerce applications 

SGI demonstrates its commitment to our products and customers. We provide Free customer service, 100% money-back guarantee and Free maintenance updates. Our knowledgeable support staff adheres to our policy of honest answers and sincere concern for your business objectives. We are dedicated, cost effective and reputable.

In the Legislative arena, we have an 18-year history  Our clients include the top lobbying firms in the State, various Government branches and agencies and individual large and small companies. Out-of-state firms also use our service. 

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