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Monitor Connecticut Legislation without Losing Track of a Bill and Save your Valuable Time, Too!

If you are responsible for keeping track of Proposed Legislation, you know how easy it is to LEARN TOO LATE that there was a text change or an added amendment to a bill. Unknown tax increases and environmental regulations, etc., can cost a company money and agony. In addition, consider the amount of TIME required to check Bill Status WHILE attending meetings.

Would you rather review your bills ONLY WHEN Bill Status had a Change of Action? Would you like a safety net to learn if NEW wording was added to bills that initially seemed harmless?

SGIAS® II, is a powerful, automated program that can assist busy legislative liaisons, government relations professionals and public affairs experts. In addition to tracking bills, it also helps you report the progress of your bills in a timely, professional format--electronically.

Monitor Legislation in a Timely Manner

check.gif Create a Tracking List by typing in Bill Numbers, or click on Bills in the List(s) of Bills
check.gif With O-N-E search, learn ALL of your bills that had a Change of Action
check.gif Create Multiple Tracking Lists for different people, or to prioritize each bill's importance
check.gif Save Subject Searches to monitor Tracked and Not Tracked bills--safeguard against NEW wording that is added to Text of Bills, File Copies and Amendments
check.gif Prepare Bill Book Reports, Add Custom Comments, Forward--anytime, anywhere
check.gif Get Change of Action ALERTS on your TRACKED BILLS as often as every 15 minutes

For Windows95/98/2000/XP/NT
with Internet Access

Demo Ready October 9

The Tool of Choice for Proposed Legislation Professionals

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